02:34 "if u were an alien landin froma nother planet how wud u describe wot u saw?"

02:34 "=D"
02:35 "wota stupid question"

02:36 "is it? i kinda like it ;)"

02:38 "id prob say sumthin like its a mad place wiv lots init, but i dunno =D a lil deeep. wot u gunna say?"

02:46 "id just xplain dem the car realy."

02:47 "wtf? =D=D=D"
02:47 "u weerd XD"

02:49 "no fink about it: cars r the idiocyncracy of man"

02:52 "its that kinda crazy duble think. cars r firkin dangerous. but dere comfy. so thats wot the world is all about: risk ur life 2b comfortable."

02:54 "i get told off 4 bein obsessed wiv it but evry time i get in my car i gotta tell myself i mite never get out again. or i mite get out but i wont be able to walk. spose im just paranoid ;)"

02:55 "u r!!!!!"

02:57 "but thats y we go about work evry day rght? its all about getting comfy wiv the money we get."

03:00 "sry im off. tmorrows gunna be long. xx"