looking into the mirror after a succession of long nights out and about, i saw reality taking the shape of a faceless, fuzzy figure staring back at me from the other side of the mirror. despite the presence of the glass between us, i was able to touch it, to feel it. the next moment, i felt a panic attack was rising inside me, as the faceless figure that had entered my life out of the blue had once again materialised itself, this time in the imagery of my dreams and aspirations. in an attempt to re-establish the order rattled by the unannounced appearance of reality, i tried to locate my life on a scale ranging from fantasy to reality, and it occurred to me that as long as reality had the power to build up an appearance opposite my own, my life was the natural opposite of reality. i realised i was the antagonist of all things tangible. i smashed the glass of the mirror and ran as fast as i could, knowing very well that my enemy must have come to kill me. as i left the house, i suddenly felt my legs melt and saw little drips of my physical self fall to the ground like liquid before being absorbed into the pavement. i managed to run another 100 yards until gravity had finally won the game, and i sank to the ground and became a part of the road’s surface. the next morning i awake in my bed, dripping with cold sweat, breathing heavily. i go to the bathroom and check the mirror. nothing happened. no shatters of glass on the ground, no figure staring at me except for myself. i utter a sigh of relief and thank my lucky stars that i am real and that all of this was just a dream. i routinely brush my teeth and put my black office tie on. we will have a staff meeting today. i am here. i am reality. and everything is how it always has been.