majors excited

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havin figured out how to properly zip files and put them up for download, the first experiment is doing just that.

music is finally up on the site for free download, and its the first time ive actually managed to do that without me pullin out.

very proud.

a bit of regret tho. rushin things too much. arguably all of the trax could have been better, both from a creative and a recording kind of view. still so many blanks. argghhhh! shame!

gotta do sumthin about the laziness. must work harder. be a good boy and start learning. blaaablabla…

soundtrack for its-3am-and-no-one-is-awake-but-me…

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  1. Turin Brakes: ‘Feeling Oblivion’ ___
  2. Autechre: ’444′ ___
  3. Frou Frou: ‘Let Go’ ___
  4. Ride: ‘Vapour Trail’ ___
  5. Aphex Twin: ‘Avril 14th’ ___
  6. Beth Gibbons & Rustin’ Man: ‘Mysteries’ ___
  7. REM: ‘Nightswimming’ ___
  8. Bjork: ‘Hyperballad’ ___
  9. Massive Attack: ‘Angel’ ___
  10. Jeff Buckley: ‘Sing A Song For You’ ___

‘Oh why are you ever so depressing? Put something joyful on for f***s sake!’

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check check

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“eh are we on?!”

“errrrm…..yay, i think we are!!!”