soundtrack for its-3am-and-no-one-is-awake-but-me…

  1. Turin Brakes: ‘Feeling Oblivion’ ___
  2. Autechre: ’444′ ___
  3. Frou Frou: ‘Let Go’ ___
  4. Ride: ‘Vapour Trail’ ___
  5. Aphex Twin: ‘Avril 14th’ ___
  6. Beth Gibbons & Rustin’ Man: ‘Mysteries’ ___
  7. REM: ‘Nightswimming’ ___
  8. Bjork: ‘Hyperballad’ ___
  9. Massive Attack: ‘Angel’ ___
  10. Jeff Buckley: ‘Sing A Song For You’ ___

‘Oh why are you ever so depressing? Put something joyful on for f***s sake!’

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